Kiss of Fire - Can't believe I even made it so far...

Kiss of Fire (Imdalind #1) - Rebecca Ethington

DNF at 75 %. This review contains spoilers.

Ever ate too much candy? Ya know, when you eat so much you get sick from it but can't make yourself stop from eating more? Yea, this book = that.

Interesting paranormal concept. Somewhat original and I applaud the author for that. Sadly, not strong enough to make me wanna stick around.

The 'heroine' is beyond annoying - whiny, weak, immature, pathetic, TSTL. I don't need my heroines to be kickass right away, they can grow into that role, but there is only so much lack of strength I can take. Who the fuck wants to read about a girl that hides in a corner when she's about to die? Honestly, I get that some go defensive instead of offensive, but there's still a difference between fish in a barrel and a cornered tiger. FYI, giving heroines superpowers just because they lack even the smallest survival instinct, is ridiculous.
Not only is she TSTL, but also TSTD, because then I wouldn't have to read on and on and on about her never ending helplessness and pain and blablablablabla.

The plot is draaaaaawwwwwn out. The first 1/3 of the book creeps along and nothing interesting ever happens.
I can't even be bothered to list all the things that made me wanna headbang the wall over and over again.

Further treats:
- Her best friend Ryland gifts her with presents worth several thousand dollars, because you know he can. She has NO problem taking them. Not one thought is wasted.
- She FIGURES OUT NOTHING by herself. She gets hid over the head with a gazillion clues. But instead of using a few braincells on finding out what the fuck is going in she's more like: 'Nah, why leave the easy road of complete and utter ignorance and stupidity.'
- Again, she questions NOTHING. Hint: Jumping on Rylands back scene. TSTL.
- Ryland is super uber overprotective; starts carrying her around when she has a small scratch. AND SHE LET'S HIM.
- She meets Ilyan. Thinks he's somewhat hot but knows he's about 10 years older than her and she thinks that's gross. Then she gets to know he's centuries older. Book 2 (blurb): He becomes her love interest. Duh.
- Love triangle. Nough said.

YA doesn't mean maturity is a taboo topic. But this book almost feels like it.
Teens might like this book. I might have a few years back. But I am adult enough now not to squeal over somewhat not unattractive males and/or anything potentially romantic.