Captured (The Captive, #1) - Erica Stevens DNFWhile the concept of a dystopian society ruled by vampires adds nothing new to the paranormal genre, Stevens' plot seemed interesting and promising at first. The realization of it, however, was rather a failure. There was hardly anything I liked about this book. The characters were boring beyond believe - Braith, a beautiful immortal vampire prince that bored me to sleep within seconds; Arianna, our strong, defiant heroine - yea, okay, who are we kidding - made me wish someone would finally take pity on us poor readers and drain her dry or snap her neck. The plot was boring; everything happens in this oh so very beautiful, magnificent (blabla) palace - and with everything I mean nothing - nada, niente, gar nichts. The first half of the book is spend on building relationship of Braith and Arianna - and by building I mean the description of implausible, illogical love at first sight without the least bit of believable chemistry or spark. After good 60% of the book had stolen me time I will never get back, I did not continue reading. The biggest problem I have with this book (and so many other paranormal romances) is that the author doesn't seem to bother creating the necessary depth of our main character(s) or walking the hard yet crucial path of realistic actions and reactions. Arianna (supposedly, because quite frankly I want to see proof) grew up as a strong, willful resistance fighter that in the start of the book gave up her freedom for the life of another child. If you respected this girl, and liked her for her bravery and strength, you will be truly disappointed because the Arianna that continues the story doesn't resemble her at all. While the Stevens continuously tells us that Arianna wants to escape from imprisonment and wants to defy the oppressing vampire regime, she in no way gives her words any meaning. Not once did Arianna even TRY to escape, not once did she stand up for what she believes in (and no, a monolog-like one time speech about the cruelty of the world does NOT count in my book). Instead, she defies the vampires with the creativity of an 8 year old, and finally makes out with Price McBoring without any major concerns from her part as it seems. Great tales are not told about willing less, lovestruck girls, but about strong heroines that fight for what they believe in. Katniss, Tris, Kate, Penryn and even MacKayla to just name a few.