Never Too Far - Abbi Glines Extremely disappointed with this book.Add 50 pages to the first book and we coulda brought Blaire and Rushs story to a glorious end. AND IT WOULD HAVE ROCKED. But no, a second book had to be written. Sigh.No, really, this - even though no PNR - is twilight on crack, heroine and meth.All the unnecessary drama, all the insecurities and all the indecisions - legal in the first book - where annoyingly brought into the second book. With an already weak plot this really made me hate the characters.Blaire simply got on my nerves whenever she acted, talked, breathed, younameit. She does all smart and grown up whereas shes still a little stupid girl.Rush, who I used to love, can on one side not stick to his decisions (Nan) and on the other caves in when even though he's done nothing wrong (Blaire).Nan - couldnt care less what happens to her. Just coz something does happen, that aint making your past decisions and actions go away. Shes a grown girl that has a brain to think before acting out - hence nothing but an evil B!tch.Wood, probably most lovable character of the book.Beth - what happened to her after about 40-50% of the book? Simply MIA - really weak...The ending? Tsk. Last complaint and then I'm done: A pregnant woman aint no freaking glasscanon. EVERYONE seemed to have to put their lives on hold for poor pregnant Blaire. C'mon ppl - theres caring and there being ridiculous.