Me Before You - Jojo Moyes How is it you have the right to destroy my life, I wanted to demand of him, but I'm not allowed a say in yours?I am not quite sure what I think about this book. It is one of the most brilliant and most beautiful books I have ever read - and yet I feel so emotionally crippled that I want to throw it against the wall and scream. While I understand Will's decision and take joy in Louise's 'end' - I, at the same time, do not know how to work with the pain this book has brought me. This is one of those books that cannot be done justice in a review, that cannot be explained or reasoned or described but simply must be read and experienced. I cried at the funniest things, and laughed at the saddest moments. I loved, I hated, I screamed, and I hoped. To me this book was more than pages and ink or digital pixel, to me it was more than a book; it was a story that clawed at my heart.