First Grave on the Right - Darynda Jones 3.5 StarsMassive girl crush.If you're anything like me, and you love your kick ass heroine, you'll absolute adore Charley. I have yet to find one negative thing to say about her. Even fainting she was my kinda girl. And I hate fainting heroines, as much as a good vampire and a shifting werewolf. Imho, Charley combines the best attributes of Mac and Kate, while being absolute original. Apart from that, the book, the plot, the other characters are not as unique.I found myself loving the action packed pace, and - absolutely beside myself - dreading the ever boring 'love-scenes' between Charley and Reyes. Which is not like me. I love a strong plot, I love crazy actions, but I need my time to drool over our hero. Here, not so much. Whatever made Charley go all hotnheavy over Mr. Goody-two-shoes made me wanna wave him along to the exit. Just another pretty boy. Can only hope this changes in the next books.