Second Grave on the Left - Darynda Jones 3.5 Stars and I kinda think I should be rounding down, which I actually never do...This book was meh.I still love Charley. She totally and absolutely is my girl. She kicks ass, and I never laughed this much while reading a book. Yep, still totally girl-crushed. You can dump her in the crappiest plot, and she will make any action shine. (Not saying this plot was crappy. It was quite decent.)But again, as in book 1, I was absolutely disappointed by Reyes. I really like the Reyes everyone describes. I do not like the one that we actually meet. I also don't feel that certain spark that I expect between a hero and heroine. Whereas in the case of Mac and Barrons I woulda advised them to rip the clothes from each others bodies WAY sooner, I'd love to reduce the level of sexual situations between Charley and Reyes. They just don't feel special. And quite frankly they aren't even that hot. However, off to book 3.