My Soul to Take - Rachel Vincent If you get annoyed at shallow characters, obvious plot lines and a rather unexciting love story, then I'd suggest you skip this book. I absolute LOATHED this book. So many of my friends rated this book quite highly, which compelled me into wanting to like this, too. Yeah, well, that didn't work out. I stuck out until the end, in hope I would find SOME redeeming qualities. There were none.The Characters The characters are one-dimensional. They have names, alright, but that's about it. They have absolutely no personality, and they don't develop one throughout the story either. As an added bonus, they are beyond stupid, which makes you wonder if they are physically incapable of understanding the world around them. There isn't one character that acts and feels like you and me - like real people - would. They weren't even trying. Examples: a) Father abandons Kaylee because he's too egoistic to deal with his grief (the reaper argument was beyond ridiculous), and rather makes her feel unloved for the sacred of normalcy (children CAN deal with life complications, they CAN'T deal with losing those they love), which she didn't get ANYWAY. Not that the father sees to correct this in time. b) Relatives of Kaylee actively make her believe she's crazy AND make her feel rejected - INSTEAD of being loving people that take matters in they own hands and carefully step by step explain things to her.c) Raylee and Nash sacrifice another girls life to save Raylee's best friend. And yes, they didn't KILL the girl, but they KNEW it would happen. Afterwards they don't even have the decency to feel bad about their actions. But hey, it was another cheerleader, those are alright to sacrifice. I could go on, but I really don't want to.Just like the deal with Faythe in the Shifter series, everything is okay, everything is allowed, everything is reasonable JUST because it's the main characters we are dealing with. The PlotThe plot is just as shallow. Honestly, it PRESENTED itself to me. I wasn't even trying to figure out what was going on. The whole thing was just beyond obvious that you had to be blind not to see what was coming. Mind you, blind were the characters. Examples of main points:- Not only was it obvious Emma would die and be brought back by Kaylee, it was also really uncreative. - Kaylee's mother gave her life to save Kaylee's. Really, reaper+reaper's girl story+"borrowed time" clues you right in. - The aunt was related to the incidents. Her behavior was SO - again - OBVIOUSLY suspicious. Mind you, I didn't predict her death but that's also about it. I am not going to go into the climax. All you need to know is that everyone comes to save the day, it's happy ever after and it's completely anti-climatic.The World BuildingThe world building is extremely weak. I am all for bean sidhes, reapers and netherworld creatures but there were so many - to me - logical flaws in the whole construct that I actively had to stop myself from banging my head against something.There are several books that have the whole soul-system down to a better science (and yes I realize this is fantasy, but mind you, even there exists logic). All in all, a frustrating read for me. I believe, however, that others are to disagree with me, and am happy when they can enjoy this.