Grave Memory (Alex Craft Series #3)

Grave Memory - Kalayna Price I HATE THIS BOOK. I HATE IT. HATE IT. HATE IT.Yesterday, I was a stupid girl. Unexpectedly, I had to babysit. In the middle of my Darkfever reread. Annoyed I got up, and went to sit small monsters. Dumb as I am, I forgot my book at home. It will be fine, the voices in my head said, you can buy Grave Memory on your phone and read it instead. Yea. I should now better than to listen to myself. (Spoilers. Ahead.)BOTH Death and Falin declare their undying love to Alexis.She doesn't proclaim any deep feelings to either.Death and Alexis FINALLY get together for an unforgettable night.PLUS they decide on being together.THE NEXT DAY, fucking Falin moves into Alexis appartment.AND SHE DOESNT FUCKING THROW HIM OUT.FUCK YOU, Alexis.