Blood Warrior (The Alexa Montgomery Saga, #1)

Blood Warrior (The Alexa Montgomery Saga, #1) - H.D. Gordon For me this was absolutely painful. I really wanted to like this, and even more so I really wanted to finish this book, but I literally had to force myself to pick it up again and to continue for more than one or two pages. (Note that I started this book three weeks ago. That is so unusual for me. I normally devour books in 1-2 days.)I didn't enjoy the plot. Everything was so predictable to me. More often than not I had those "yep, I called it" moments... Plus this was like... SO BORING. The characters were just as annoying. I almost threw up all over my tablet when the swooning over our heroine started. Authors, PLEASE, flaws are LIKEABLE. What frustrated me the most tho, was the writing. Not so much the typos, I normally can live through that, but it was SO DAMN SLOPPY. There's really no better way to say it. I simply could not enjoy anything because I hated the protagonists voice so much. Generally, I can get used to a heroine. But I simply wanted to shoot her. Or me. Really, I thought it was painful. HAVING SAID THAT, I don't want to insult the authors work. I know, my response was very negative but I honestly do believe it can be great for others. It simply wasn't my cup of tea.