Twice Tempted (Night Prince Series #2)

Twice Tempted - Jeaniene Frost ** Review for book 1&2 (as I read them in as good as one session) **4-5 StarsI don't really like chocolate. I like frozen Gummibears, I like sour sweets, I like chips and peanuts,... but chocolate I generally never enjoyed very much. Generally.On rare occasions of the year I suddenly crave that cacao-milky flavor like a drowning man craves air.This is exactly how I'd describe my feelings about the Night Prince series.As much as I tried, I never could get on board with Cat&Bones' story. Something about it didn't draw me in, which was why I was doubtful about starting this series.I was, however, absolutely mesmerized from the get-go, which is why I couldn't put down the book despite it being way past midnight (and had to buy the second straight after).I loved the characters. Leila was witty, strong, kick-ass,... my kinda girl! And Vlad was finally a vamp alpha I could get on board with. My only complaint would have been that a few secondary characters didn't feel like they had enough depth.The plot, however, made up for most flaws. Loads of action (yay!), loads of twists and turns and surprises (more yay!), and loads of heartwarming and hot Leila&Vlad scenes (swoon!).I wish, I wouldn't have to wait for the third book. I could use another bite of chocolate right about now.