Tangled - Emma Chase 3.5 StarsWhen it comes to movies, I have a strict rule. If it start it, I freaking see it through until the end. I don't care if I haven't slept in three days and the movie is twenty hours long, or if it scars me for life, or if an earth quake shatters my house. Okay, okay, I'm lying about that last one, but you get the idea, right?I simply cannot stand not knowing the end, even if I already know how everything's gonna turn out. I also feel like I owe it to the movie. This courtesy? Yea, that doesn't extend to cheesy, chick-flick romances. To me they are more of a good way to fall asleep, tyvm.Now, what point am I trying to make?The first half of this book was simply in-genius. I am trying to remember when I last laughed this much out loud at a book. The writing is simply brilliant. And I mean this with all my respect and total adoration: Mrs. Chase you'd do a hell of a man. I, like all these other clueless women, totally fell for Drews charms - hook, line and sinker; while at the same time being completely aware, that it'd be much healthier to hate his freaking guts. Or at the very least kick him in the nuts with very impressive high-heels. The second half of this book, while still hilarious at times, took for my taste too many pages out of the script of one of those movies I can only fall asleep to. It was cliche, it was cheesy, it was all those stereotype things you imagine when you think of ways a man can win back a woman. In my eyes, the book lost a lot of its awesomeness somewhere along those lines. Also, Drew, sweetheart - I kinda expected more of a man that gave me some really great laughgasms when we first met. It's still a really fun read. Compliment to Mrs. Chase.