Never Fade (Darkest Minds)

Never Fade - Alexandra Bracken EDIT: May, 2013OMG IT HAS A COVER! How the hell did I miss that?? What's wrong with me?AHHHHHH!The need is back. I-WANT-THIS-NOW!!!!!! NOW NOW NOW!-------------------------------------------------------NOOO. NO NO NO. AHHHHHH. NO.Nooooo! Why why why... I simply cannot put in words of what I am feeling after having finished book one... For once I truely feel speechless.Why did it have to end like that. Why. Why. Why. Why. I feel like my heart has been ripped out and replaced by a stone... a huge one, a heavy one that makes it impossible for me to get on my feet and take a deep breath...The rational part of me knows that the story will not end here. But right now I feel like Ruby, standing at that window watching her live walk away into an hopeless future...How... how am I supposed to wait for book two?