Wild Magic (Immortals (Quality))

Wild Magic - Tamora Pierce Ten years ago, I probably would have LOVED this book. Sadly, I think, and I thought I'd never say this, this book passed my perssonal expiration date a few years back.Don't get me wrong, I did like the book, and I'd recommend it to any pre-teen, but if I had to describe it all I could probably say would be 'It was cute'.The characters are likeable and the world building is believable... but well, there are a few BUTs.- While the writing is enjoyable, it isn't very descriptive. A lot of books spent waaay too many words on the smallest details - this book spents way too few.- The characters, especially Daine, had it in my opinion 'too easy'. Daine has too many talents for my liking and took way too little time learning her special skills. It didn't feel earned. Furthermore I fear what we know so far is merely the tip of the iceberg... #mary-sue :(- While I enjoyed the overall plot, I never really connected emotionally with the story. No matter what happened, I never really feared for our main characters. To me not knowing their fate is part of the fun... Knowing they'll never come to any fatal harm kinda takes the excitement out of it. Overall it's a decent read that I wish I had discovered earlier. Literally.